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We arrange both importing and exporting human remains.
You can contact to us in both English and Japanese.


About international
repatriation of human remain

Arrangements for export and import human remains and cremated remains.

When a death occurs due to accident or illness in Japan, we can arrange an international repatriation of a deceased to his or her country of origin.

We have repatriated human remains to over 50 countries in North and South America, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. Please do not hesitate to contact to us.

Through more than 20 years’ experience we have gained the trust and recognition from our community for providing quality of funeral services.


Providing all services you need for repatriation

We provide all services required for international shipment of remains. Those are embalming, restorative arts and cosmetics, dressing, casketing, translating necessary documents, filing documents with appropriate authorities, arranging cargo and any necessary arrangement to fits each family.

More than just repatriation

Farewell services are also offered at our funeral facilities. We have many options for our families which suits every needs.

Receiving remain from overseas

Service include receiving human remains at an airport, transport to a funeral home, and providing necessary care and services you choose.

We are offering
following services

  • Making removal to our facilities
  • Restorative arts if necessary
  • Casketing remain. We have wide selection of caskets
  • Arranging local cremation
  • Preparation of the remains include embalming
  • Dressing and makeup
  • All documentation with local authorities and arranging its translation

Process of repatriation

  • 01 When death happen

    Making removal from place of death after receiving authorization from family or any proper authority.

  • 02 Preparation of documents

    Prepare documents and translate them for Consulate and other necessary purpose.

  • 03 Contacting forwarder

    Start to arrange flight for deceased (Narita airport / Haneda airport)

  • 04 Embalming

    Embalming is usually required by Cargo Company and/or country where is either final destination or/and making stop by (if there is no straight flight available). Dry ice may accepted in some instances.

  • 05 Dressing and makeup

    Dressing and any makeup required/requested. This include restorative arts.

  • 06 Casketing

    Casketing the remain and proper packing for air transport.

  • 07 Confirmation of flight

    Confirming the flight schedule and receiving Air Waybill.

  • 08 Day of flight

    If any family member prefer to flight with the deceased, please reserve a flight on your own. We are sorry but we cannot arrange accommodation.


  • All arrangement required deposit.
  • We will provide for:
    ・Air cargo arrangement (We make temporary payment for you)
    ・All formalities/ documentation with local authorities and consulates
    ・Casket and shipping container
  • Transportation to airport
  • We have viewing room and refrigeration units in our facilities
  • We can also provide repatriation services to Japan from abroad Please feel free to contact to us with any questions

Required Document

  • Authorization for embalming and restorative procedures from next of kin
  • Authorization to ship remains by air from next of kin (Guarantor on Japanese side if there is no family exist)
  • Order sheet with information of consignee and receiver at airport
  • Passport of deceased (if passport is missing, any legal documentation from proper office)
  • Photo may helpful for cosmetics and restoration
  • Certified copy of death certificate from a city hall where the death certificate is turned in and Burial/ Cremation permit. (If it is not turned in yet we also can arrange that process)
  • Other authorization may require depending on city hall and/or other authorities


Arranging both importing and exporting human remains.
You can contact to us in both English and Japanese.


Company Overview

Company name Maruki Memorial Twenty One Co.,Ltd
(Maruki Memorial 21)
Address 1-3-10 Shitaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0004 Japan
Telephone +81-3-5246-5521
Fax +81-3-5246-5523
Managing-Director Yuji Shirai
Establishment April 1st,2002