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Arrangements for the transfer of human remains and cremated human remains.

If in Japan when the death occurs due to accident or illness, we can arrange the transportation of the remains to the country of origin.

We will provide all services required for transportation, body preparation, necessary documentation and translation to the appropriate country. This will include but not limited to cosmetics, dressing, placing in the container of your choice, filing of documents with the appropriate consulate, and arrangement for transportation.

We can offer farewell services at our chapel. Providing our families with many options that suits every need.

Services include receiving human remains returning to their families. This includes receiving human remains at the airport, transportation to the funeral home, and providing the necessary care and services you choose.

We have over 20 years experience in the service to our families. We have gained the trust and respect of our community for providing quality funeral services.


Our Contact Information

Toll-Free Domestic Call: 0120-46-5521 (Japanese/English)

International Call: +81-3-5246-5521 (Japanese/English)

Fax: +81-3-5246-5523

Address: 1-3-10 Shitaya Taito-ward, Tokyo 110-0004 Japan

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We have repatriated human remains to over 50 countries in North and South America, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. Please don’t hesitate to call on us.


・Authorization for embalming and restorative procedures

・Authorization to ship remains by air transport
*if possible, guarantor on Japanese side if no family present

・On the order sheet, provide the name of the consignee, family name, funeral home receiving remains and destination

・Passport of deceased if available

・Photo: helpful for needed restorative art and cosmetics.

・Description of known details concerning the death-for proper documentation by the city hall.

・Acceptance certificate or Burial/Cremation Permit (shall obtain from city hall)
※it may not be required depending on consulate


1.First call and transport of deceased from specified location or place of death.

2.Preparation of documentation for Consulate and pickup of properly translated documents from same.

3.Arranging for air cargo ( in Tokyo, Narita International Airport is common)

4.Embalming of the body. Embalming is usually required for air transport although in some instances dry ice is acceptable.

5.Dressing and any cosmetics required/requested. Please advise on needs.

6.Casketing or packing for air transport!

7.Determination of flight, get flight schedule, and get Bill of Lading / Air Waybill

8.Reserve the actual flight: We can not guarantee the same flight as human remains for accompanying passengers

※Please don’t hesitate to call for your needs.
Maruki Memorial 21


All payment is required in advance

We will provide for:
-airline arrangements-prepaid
-all formalities/documentation with local government and foreign consulates
-shipping container
-transport to airport

We have viewing and refrigeration facilities

We can also provide repatriation services to Japan from abroad
Feel free to contact us with questions and comments.

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